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"It's like A hug for your whole body"

For over decade, Hug Patrol's carefully researched and intentionally designed weighted wraps, blankets and other comfort creations have provided natural support to those who need it most. Our creations are used daily -- across the world -- in homes, healthcare, schools and on-the-go. All Hug Patrol products are born and based in New Hampshire.

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In todays society anxiety is not rare. It can happen to anyone at anytime. Do you live with anxiety and just not know how to deal with it? Well today we will tell you 5 different ways to help cope with your anxiety.

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3 Tips for a Better Nights Sleep

Sleeping can be extremely difficult. Tossing and turning all night can keep you awake for ours to the point where sleeping seems impossible. Whether you have to much energy, too stressed out or worried, or even just not comfortable, sleep is extremely difficult. However, I have came up with a list of tips and suggestions for you to try next time you are going to sleep to ensure a better nights rest.

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Six Benefits of Sleep
Six Benefits of Sleep

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep, and seemingly the moment you succeed in commencing your slumber.... BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The 6:00 am alarm wrenches you from your dark and quiet peace back to reality. You may feel sharp and ready for action at first, but as the day wears on, fatigue and grogginess cloud your senses and your thinking. Apart from feeling refreshed and energetic throughout the day, sleep may add many surprising health benefits to your lifestyle.

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