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Therapeutic Weighted Comfort Creations

Making Comfort Creations Since 1995

Hug Patrol has been creating custom comforting therapeutic and weighted products since 1995. Makers of soft, heat or cool therapeutic wraps, weighted blankets, autism vest, and more. Our products offer relief from aches, pain, and stress while offering a calming comfort for sensory sensitivities associated with Autism, Alzheimers, ADHD, and PTSD.

Each of our products is professionally machine stitched using the highest quality threads, fabrics, and fills at Hug Patrol producing high-end products that are used in spas, healthcare, sports therapy, and homes throughout the world. Our carefully researched and developed comfort creations are made in the USA, and are Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Hug Patrol is constantly working on new products for the future and is always open to suggestions for new ideas or adaptations to meet your needs. Do you need a particular color or something you don’t see here? Our commitment to personal, friendly service is what sets Hug Patrol apart. Contact us and we will sew do our best to accommodate!

The Newmarket Textile Mills, Home of Hug Patrol

The Newmarket mills, which line the bank of the Lamprey River, were first built in 1823. Quality textiles were distributed throughout the world from these mills for more than 100 years. “The Mills”, as they are referred to locally, have been redeveloped and modernized over the past two decades.

When Lynne Beernaert, founder of Hug Patrol, first came upon the textile mills and their rich history, she instantly knew this is where Hug Patrol belonged. Overlooking the Lamprey River, where at one time great sailing ships would be moored, Hug Patrol now creates quality products in the historic landmark.

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Therapeutic Wraps

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Weighted “Dream” Blankets

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Weighted Vests

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Bi-Ski Boots/Warm Over Boot

As a special project, Hug Patrol developed a ski over boot which allows a bi-skier to stay warm and drier on the slopes. This project is showcased by Enabling Technology which has been an active force in the ongoing creation of standards and practices of adaptive sports worldwide.

Hug Patrol is the Official Provider for the New England Healing Sports Association. A portion of the proceeds are donated to NEHSA, which was established in New Hampshire,1972.

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