Our mission is our passion: to help those in need of comfort. Our goal is to give — one hug at a time.


For over decade, Hug Patrol's carefully researched and intentionally designed weighted wraps, blankets and other comfort creations have provided natural support to those who need it most. Our creations are used daily -- across the world -- in homes, healthcare, schools and on-the-go. All Hug Patrol products are born and based in New Hampshire.

lynne laughing at sewing machine
Lynne Beernaert is the heart, hands, creator and master hugger behind Hug Patrol.



Weighted Wraps and Dream Blankets providing long lasting, versatile, high quality comfort. All comfort creations come in a range of shapes and weights to provide every user with the right size hug. Product features include: 100% cotton fabric, lavender scented or unscented, machine washable covers, antimicrobial options, and materials made and sourced in the USA.

BEHIND THE NAMEnational ski patrol dad

In 2015, LB Comfort LLC became Hug Patrol.  This new name is the result of the creative insight of Bridget Sprague, owner of Be Good Branding.  While visiting, she was inspired by the creations. Nearing the end, she saw a picture of my Dad and was intrigued with the pin on his sweater and asked what it was.  During her drive home she envisioned; “Hug Patrol”, “to bring comfort to those who need it the most”.  Thank you Bridget!

Lynne’s father was a member of the National Ski Patrol where he proudly adhered to the creed “service and safety.” Here at Hug Patrol we too believe in this creed and work hard to service our customer’s needs while creating safe, quality comforting products. This is the driving passion that keeps Hug Patrol designing and making innovative creations.