Made in New Hampshire | Live Free and Hug!

To Heat/Cool your Hug-Able Wraps

Heating Instructions to Warm your Cozy Wrap:

  1. Pop your wrap in the microwave with a mug of water and get ready for some toasty goodness!
  2. Heat it up for a delightful 30 seconds, then give it a playful shake.
  3. If you're craving even more warmth, go ahead and repeat step 2. The more, the merrier, without overheating :)

Cooling Instructions for a Refreshing Treat:

  • To enjoy a cool and refreshing experience, simply tuck your wrap into the freezer. It'll be like a chilly hug for later!

Washing Instructions for a Fresh and Clean Wrap:

  • To keep your wrap in tip-top shape, gently spot wash it using a damp cloth. Ah, cleanliness is bliss!
  • Remember to give it a loving pat dry. It deserves all the care and attention!

Enjoy your cozy, cool, and clean wrap!