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Large Weighted Dream Blankets


Are you looking for extra comfort? Our Weighted "Dream" Blankets are just that: a dream come true!

LARGE Weighted 'DREAM' Blanket

Snuggle up with this Weighted "Dream" Blanket. Our blanket provides a sense of comfort and the feeling of being held or hugged. The comfortable fabric provides a secure feeling, while also being extremely soft to the touch. 


  • Large Size: 42″ x 78″ (the blanket measures 42" wide) - snugly fits on the body and does not cover the entire bed.
  • Total Weight:18.25 lbs.
  • Number of Removable Sleeves: 12 (1 lb. sleeves)
  • Poly Bead filled sleeves with stitched channels to keep the beads from shifting
  • Machine Washable

Check out our antimicrobial/waterproof option: weighted sleeves are made with wipeable, waterproof, machine washable nylon.

If used in X-rays and MRIs, plastic snaps can replace metal snaps.


  • Weighted 'Dream' Blankets are thoughtfully designed. 
  • The outer Weighted "Dream" Blanket fabric is made from 100% cotton fleece and the sleeves are made from 100% cotton duck fabric
  • Both the outer and sleeve fabrics are sourced from the USA!
  • Both fabrics can be machine-washed and dried, including in commercial machines. 
  • The channeled sleeves safely hold 1 lb. of virgin poly beads.
  • Additionally, you can choose to fill some or all of the sleeves with 2 lbs. of beads.
  • Snaps secure all sleeves into the blanket.
  • Quality fabric and design provide long-term comfort!

Weighed blanket benefits include:

  • Helps you sleep at night
  • Aids those who are anxious in feeling calm
  • A Weighted Blanket works by gently applying pressure through its weight to help calm and soothe.
  • Reduced stress and balanced systems promote good sleep, and REM sleep can be supported.