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Our 3 lb. Calm Wrap lets you get a comforting hug anytime, anywhere!

When draped over your shoulders, it feels like a hug, enveloping your senses with its warm embrace to feel safe and secure. Great for anxious new moms and stressed students.

This hug is your loyal bestie who can help you relax and help maintain proper posture while at your computer. Plus, you can drape it wherever your heart desires for the perfect nap-time pal. 

The durable fabric covers are what medical scrubs are made with. 

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Gray Lace
Peach Lace
Gray Hug Hearts
Denim Style
Spring Fling
Green Style
Optional Wrap Cover:

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Miss Hug Patrol

My father, Cyril "Zeke" Beernaert was a member of the National Ski Patrol where he proudly adhered to the creed “service and safety.” Here at Hug Patrol, we too believe in this creed and work hard to service our customer’s needs while creating safe, quality comforting products. This is the driving passion that keeps Hug Patrol designing and making innovative creations.

Customer Reviews

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Yes, very much!!!!!!

I love your products!!!!


Loved the one we bought and had to get one for Mom! She loves it too!