Dream Blanket (Medium)

Dream Blanket (Medium)

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Our weighted Dream Blankets are just that: a dream come true! For anyone needing extra comfort from insomnia, restlessness, stress or anxiety. Each soft cotton fleece blanket was designed with individual channels and removable weighted sleeves for a uniquely adjustable blanket. All sleeves secure into the blanket with metal snaps.

 If used in the medical field, the metal snaps can be substituted for plastic snaps for the ability to be used during an X-ray or MRI.

All blankets and sleeves are machine washable. 

The Medium Blanket comes with 9 channels and 1-lb sleeves with a total weight of 12.25 lbs. 

To increase weight, additional 2-lb sleeves can be purchased separately. 

Antimicrobial/Waterproof option available upon request. 

  • Size: 42″ x 58″
  • Total Weight: 12.25 lbs
  • Number of Sleeves: 9 (1 lb sleeves)
  • Poly Bead filled
  • Machine Washable