Made in New Hampshire | Live Free and Hug!

Snuggle up with the 6 lb. Soothe Wrap and experience a hug of warmth and comfort - no matter where you go!

Feel your worries melt away as you wrap it around you and feel its soft, drape-able fabric envelop and soothe your body.

You can also lay on it in your bed while it's still warm or take it with you on the go for a cozy dose of chill-out vibes anytime, anywhere!

Proudly Made in America!

  • 100% Cotton Fabric (7oz duck)
  • Size: 20″x 35″
  • Weight: 6 lb.
  • Food-grade flax seed filling
  • Spot wash only
  • Can be enjoyed heated, cooled, or as-is
  • Available Fitted Cover: Use the same fabric as your wrap, 100% Cotton Meditation Scarf, or Durable Fabric.

The durable fabric covers are what medical scrubs are made with. 

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    Gray Lace
    Peach Lace
    Gray Hug Hearts
    Denim Style
    Spring Fling
    Green Style
    Optional Wrap Cover (Same As Fabric Choice):

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