Dream Blanket (Medium)

Dream Blanket (Medium)

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Our Dream Blankets are just that: a dream come true! For anyone needing extra comfort from insomnia, restlessness, stress or anxiety. Each soft cotton fleece blanket was designed with individual channels and removable weighted sleeves for a uniquely adjustable blanket. All sleeves secure into the blanket with metal snaps. All blankets and sleeves are machine washable. 

The Medium Blanket comes with 9 channels and 1-lb sleeves with a total weight of 12.25 lbs. 

To increase weight, additional 2-lb sleeves can be purchased separately. 

  • Size: 42″ x 58″
  • Total Weight: 12.25 lbs
  • Number of Sleeves: 9 (1 lb sleeves)
  • Poly Bead filled
  • Machine Washable
  • Available Covers: 100% Cotton Fleece and Antimicrobial