Hugs from Friends

Our customers and the stories below are why we are in business. 

Live Free and Hug!


I just wanted to let you know that my son is loving his blanket and hasn't had any sleeping problems since :) Thank you so much for everything!

Todd P Melrose, MA

 My son recently received a weighted blanket from Hug Patrol, and he walked around as if it were a The quality is amazing and it is beautifully handmade which makes it that much more wonderful…I have never seen a child get more excited about a blanket! Thank you Lynne!

Jessica R Woonsocket, RI


You are a miracle worker. She sat with me for 25 minutes with the huge wrap on her lap then on her shoulders. She let me paint her nails and take the old polish off (A HUGE TASK) she then asked to wear it in her bed. So she is curled up in bed with it. She not once yelled at me, not once did she try to walk away and not once did she call someone a name!! Un-freaking-believable.

Sue S Quechee, Vermont

 As a UPS employee, I was graced with daily back pain. A co-worker suggested your site to me. I was skeptic when he told me, but what a difference! I am able to do more with my son instead of having to excuse myself because of the chronic pain! That alone makes your products priceless. Thank you!

Ryan S Beverly, MA


 I have been using a 3lb weighted wrap with lavender for years now EVERY night!  I heat it in the microwave until nice & hot wrap around my neck go to bed and sleep like a baby!  I love my wrap!!!
Nadine B Berlin, NH  

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your great product! My 9-year-old son has ADHD and your Shawl Wrap with lavender works wonderful to settle him down in the evening’s hours. This has always been a problem with him settling down to go to bed but now that we have your product we NO longer have a problem getting him to bed.

Renne C Huntsville, AL


Like many people I keep all my daily stress in my shoulder/neck muscles.  With the weight and flexibility of the wrap it's like a personal massager.  It can get those deep-down tension spots. At night I heat my lavender wrap right before I go to bed put it on and between the weight, heat and scent of lavender it relaxes me & I wake up fully refreshed feeling great!

It is amazing!!

Nancy J Alberta, VA

 My husband with Alzheimer’s was unable to go anywhere without his weighted blanket and asked for something smaller for when in the car. You sent a 6 LB Soothe Wrap and we are thrilled that he now can go to church! He and I are both grateful, thank you!

Martha W Albany, NY


My 4 year old daughter has always fought falling asleep, until... I found that heating up a wrap WITH lavender in it, is the "magic pillow"! She usually will fall asleep within 5 minutes after putting it on.  No more fighting bedtime!! THANK YOU!!!

Mia B Concord, MA

 I want you to know how helpful your Weighted “Dream” Blanket has been for my son. He is 21 years old and has autism. He has used the Blanket for a month so far and he has had no aggressive incidents. I do not remember him going this length of time without any aggressive acts. This is the best he has ever been. Usually holidays overload him and he is more aggressive, but not this year. Thank you so much for your very helpful Weighted “Dream” Blanket. Feel free to use me as a very happy customer reference.

Joe C Concord, NH


My son had a bad cold, coughing, sneezing, congestion etc.  He refuses to take medicine so I heated up a wrap put it around his shoulders & propped him up on a pillow.  He fell right asleep & didn't even make a peep.


CJ B Springfield, MA

I, like many people, have a “problem back”. From everyday aches and stiffness to occasional spasms, I am never completely free of some type of back discomfort. Recently I have been feeling an oncoming bout of severe spasms, starting with a mild tightness and building to a crescendo of intense pain. Usually when I feel this coming, there is no stopping it, I just have to take the pain and wait it out. At times in the past these spasms put me down for a couple of days. At the suggestion of a trusted friend, I tried your Knots~B~Gone. I couldn’t believe the relief I felt…instantly!

With the long handles, the Knots~B~Gone is easily maneuverable and I was able to place it exactly where I needed it to be and, much to my surprise and delight, my back loosened up immediately. This is no exaggeration. It was immediate. All I did was position the Knots~B~Gone between me and my chair in the spot that felt the tightest and then lean back, making sure that my back was arched over the Knots-Be-Gone. Now I use it daily. I even bring it to work with me so I can use it after my forty minute commute in my car. My work days start out so much better now and you are to thank for that. You couldn’t have come up with a more appropriate name for this product.

Michael P Cumberland, RI


Hugs to Hug Patrol!  We received the comfort wrap as a gift for our 12 year old daughter. Initially she used the wrap at home while working on the computer and during homework time, but as time went on she requested to use it during other times as well.  The shape and weight of the product is perfect and it really helps her regulate her body and to remain focused on the task at hand. She even asked me if she could take it to school! Guess we will be placing another order! Thank you, Hug Patrol!

Jane H New Haven, CT

Our friend let us borrow her 2lb comfort wrap and it instantly had a calming effect on our daughter. The weight applied the right amount of pressure and the "U" shape stayed right in place while walking and sitting. We noticed a significant decrease in her "stimming" when she had it on. I decided to try it myself and liked it so much for its therapeutic qualities that I instantly ordered it on the website.  Thank you hug patrol!

Nina F New Haven, CT


Dakota loves the soothing Eye Pillow you made for him. He asks for it whenever he is tired. We pull it out of the freezer and put it on his eyes. The one with the scent is the one he prefers when he is tired. When the kids are sick, we use the pack for their head. Thank you again.

Sarah P Eugene, OR

This product is perfect for migraine relief. Sometimes during a migraine, I really need ice on a particular part of my head, neck, or face. Other ice packs are too hard and uncomfortable. The Hug Patrol “Wrap and Pack” has just the right amount of coolness and can be easily molded around whatever body part that hurts – neck, jaw, face, forehead, etc. The coolness last for a long time and the materials used are very comfortable. Often times, the coolness and pressure from the weight of the Wrap and Pack are just what I need to take the edge off the pain of a migraine. Thank you.

Gail T Vass, NC


Thank you for the nice messages. We've had some difficulties lately and the blanket has been extremely helpful (and the Stress-B-Gone has been great too, thank you so much!). I am pleased to report that it did arrive on the 12th as expected and it has already gotten a lot of use!

Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Warm regards,

Pat C Hanover, NH

I’ve had a head cold and cough. I couldn’t sleep last night. As a “last resort” I put your Shawl Wrap around my neck and went back to bed. It did the trick! The combination of the lavender, cold and weight was just what I needed!!! Yeah Hug Patrol!

Denise H Logan, OH


I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for your kindness yesterday at the Expo.  I purchased one of the 2 lb. items for my daughter who struggles with anxiety and then I shared my health story.  I used the eye sachet you had given me last night when I took a short moment to relax and I look forward to using it more often!

Meagan M Danbury, CT

I would recommend your products for any child that has ADHD. THIS REALLY WORKS!”

Kathy D Alexandria, VA


Thanks for your continued interest in our welfare. The gift was a very big success, and as my grown daughters (aged 44 and 38) saw her wrap it around her shoulders and head for the thermostat, they suddenly thought this might be a good gift for them as well. My son even began to look interested! One has a birthday coming up, so we are considering.

Tom W Arlington, MA

I love the Weighted “Dream” Blanket! After a massage, the therapist drapes the Blanket over my back. It generates it’s own heat from warmth and the weight helps set in the relaxed feeling so much that I find myself asleep in just ten minutes! This Blanket is unlike others. The weight can be adjusted to compensate any body weight. This makes this Blanket very versatile. I would recommend this Blanket for any trade where clients go for relaxation.

Bertha B Tampa, FL


thank you for your follow up.  It was a gift for my sister and she was very happy with it.

I bought one at the made in NH fair and use it all the time. Love it!

Rita P Philadelphia, PA

My 2 Chihuahua’s love your Soothe Wrap with lavender. I warm it up and make a bed for the dogs to keep them both warm on those cold days!

Beth K Saginaw, MI


"...I want to just tell you: My grandmother hurt her bicep some several months ago. I talked to her a couple weeks ago and she said, "Well, I'm still having pain in my shoulder and along my back, but I use my HP bag [wrap] every night."  The same for my mother - she's had a rough time these past 3 years -- a hip replacement, a heart attack, and then a full spinal surgery with titanium rods for her scoliosis. She still religiously uses her HP [wrap] for the pain and muscle soreness. And of course, I still use mine every day! My private students are accustomed to seeing me draping one in my lap or around my shoulders, as it's currently winter and a bit cold in my apartment. 

I even lent one to my friend (for a bit delicate situation) -- he has hemorrhoids and is finding it difficult to sit and get relief, so I lent him one of my 2 precious HP [wrap] and told him to put it in the freezer and sit on it a couple times a day. 

That's just to give you a bit of joy and insight into the fact that you've made a product that plays into the daily lives of people -- although I guess you know that and that it is even more beneficial for your targets with special needs. 

Josh O France

Hey Hug Patrol! Great Products!!!!!!!

Thought I would drop a line to tell you about your weighted wraps/blankets. I am a retired USAF Sergeant and a Disabled American Veteran who uses a few of your products on an every day basis. I use the weighted heat wraps and the weighted blanket.

After receiving severe spinal injuries while in the service many years ago, every day activities and a good night’s sleep has been nearly impossible. Over the years I have had several surgeries involving the spine and rib cage. Surgery has helped a great deal but “Father Time” has not improved the situation. I have opted not to have any more surgeries and to search out ALTERNATIVE MEANS to restore the body’s natural process; “The body can heal itself, just give it the right tools!” You have created one of the tools. These would be your “Therapeutic wraps and weighted blankets”. I use your Neck and Shoulder wrap (dry heat and moist heat) and the weighted blanket every day.

For the Neck area I use the weighted wrap which conforms to the neck and shoulders. There are no other products which conform to the body’s natural shape; Yours will do that! Sometimes I just pop it in the microwave (dry; as is) for five minutes, throw it over the shoulders and neck and I am good to go for several hours. For the back and legs, while I sleep I use the weighted blanket. I am a back sleeper but it is difficult to stay in that position. When I am restless I often wind up on my side and then the party starts; pain, numbness and just a terrible night’s sleep. I then acquired you weighted blanket and started using that.

At first I used it over the legs (from the ankles to just over the hips). It was the first time in a long while I have been able to sleep on my back without awakening several times during the night. I then began playing around with the weights and now also use it on my chest and abdomen. There seems to be an almost immediate calming effect once the blanket is over you. So, here’s to a good night’s sleep for allot of other people, a great product for myself and especially my fellow veterans.

Thanks for a great product!

C A M, USAF Retired, Disabled American Veteran


It's funny because I was JUST talking about you! I was talking to my friend on the phone and I was complaining because:

Me: "I've lost my HP bag!"

Her: "What's a HP bag?"

Me: "You know! The bag I let you use when you have period cramps!"
Her: "Oh no! Check in your bed or in between the couch cushions!"

I was looking for it because -- I burned my hand cooking and I want to put it in the freezer to help later.
Seriously, I use these things in my daily life and even my friends are aware of it!

Josh O France