Weighted "Dream" Blanket: Size: 42″ x 39″: Weight 9 Lbs. / Small

Our Weighted "Dream" Blankets are just that: a dream come true!

100% cotton fleece fabric, sourced from the USA, is used to make the blankets. They are designed with individual channels with removable weighted sleeves, offering a uniquely adjustable blanket. All sleeves secure into the blanket with snaps.

Weighted "Dream" blankets are 42" wide so that the weight is over your body (where it is needed) and not covering your bed.

Both the blanket and sleeves are machine washable.

This blanket has six channels with 6 one-pound sleeves for a total weight of 9 pounds.

It is possible to purchase additional sleeves with two pounds to increase the weight.

  • Size 42" x 39"
  • Total Weight: 9 lbs
  • Number of Sleeves: 6 (1 lb sleeves)
  • Poly Bead filled
  • Machine Washable

We offer antimicrobial/waterproof options. In this option, the sleeves are made with wipeable nylon fabric.


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100% Cotton


100% cotton  is sourced from the USA and is cooler than polyester. 

The weighted sleeves are made out of 100% cotton duck.

All our fabrics are Made in America.


Enviro Friendly Beads


The Poly Beads are virgin and Made in America. The beads can be washed. 

I am a full believer in taking care of the environment with 5 grandchildren who need to have a safe world to grow in! Using glass beads would be my preference. 

Why I chose poly beads is due to hearing that the beads can sift through the fabric resulting in feeling what is described as beach sand. I am always searching for a more environmentally friendly weight that can be washed. Keep posted!

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