Melt My Heart Again: Soothing Sleep

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I was set up the Healthy Living Expo in Marlborough MA. At one point, a mom with her daughter came by.

The daughter was about 9 years and had pink noise reduction ear muffs on. After talking with her mom about what may help with her sleep, she went home with a 6 lb. Soothe Wrap.

A month after the Expo, a note came home from her teacher and her mom shared the update with me.

The note had said that not only is her daughter doing better academically, she is doing better socially.

Of course I was beyond excited to hear we were able to help her daughter -- at such a young age -- without any medication. Also, with the wrap, she is gaining the ability to self-monitor. This skill will stay with her throughout her life. 

Really? Melt my heart AGAIN!