The Stories Behind the Hugs

September 15, 2019

lynne sitting at sewing machine smiling making Hug Patrol weighted wrap

Hi there, this is Lynne.

I have done a lot of different non-traditional jobs (more about that later), yet never lost sight of sewing like my grandmothers and mom. 

When I sit down at my sewing machine I know I'm not just stitching fabric. I know I'm creating something that can change people's lives. It's truly my biggest motivator. 

To offer natural comfort, relief and help with rest, focus, or stress to friends (I consider all customers friends!) and family is what I love to do. 

One of the greatest rewards of the job is hearing the stories from customers about their lives before and after Hug Patrol. Sometimes the change is instant, sometimes it takes a few uses but most always, there's a change to share. 

I came to realize that the big feeling after recounting all these stories is: Melt my heart AGAIN! And so I decided I wanted more people to feel that too. 

Every month I'll be sharing "Stories behind the Hugs." They'll be quick, heart-warming shares that, well, feel like hugs. 

We can all use more of those, right? 

Click here to read the first story!

lynne holding a stack of wraps

I'm grateful to have the ability to sew and choose this work. Thank you for all your support! 




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